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This is what November in Nebraska looks like. The 10th and it's 65 degrees and not a breath of wind.  We were hurrying to finish the last field of corn because, believe it or not, we were in a Winter Weather Watch.  It was a huge relief when they canceled that in the afternoon.  The downside was, they replaced it with a Blizzard Warning.   

This is what November in Nebraska looks like.  The 11th and it's 29 degrees, snowing hard, and the wind is blowing 30+ miles per hour.  We did finish corn harvest and the National Weather Service was right. 

 Christmas time is here. Happiness and cheer.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Farmer Dan.  I spent a day 'hand delivering' gifts to my girls.  


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 Reading to Mrs Wilson's first graders.

Hershey Help Club Book Fair

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Stay tuned. I'll be spending a couple days in January and February at North Platte book stores. When I get things scheduled, I'll let everyone know so you can come and see me.


Here are some recent pictures. Enjoy!

News - Orange is here!

"Orange You Glad You're You" is now available at!

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